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The Only True, Custom-Made-To-Fit-You Nutrition Plan! 

Tired Of The Insane Yo-Yo Diet, Back & Forth, Ups & Downs?

Weight Gain ➜ Weight Loss ➜ Regain Even More...

Fat ➜To Fit ➜ To Fatter Than Before...

Insanity is trying every new, fad, 1-size-fits-all diet, & expecting a different outcome! That's a vicious cycle, destroying your body, health, and confidence!

  • No Fads

  • No 1-size-fits-all

  • No marketing hype

  • No bull$h!t

Transform your body, with a personalized nutrition plan 

made for your unique body, with 1-On-1 coaching support from your own nutritionist. 


Make this the last nutrition plan you'll ever need,

& finally achieve the body, health, & confidence you desire and deserve,

so you can #maxout your life!

Your Body Is Unique… Treat It That Way!

“…70  Pounds  Later  and  I Cannot  Believe  How  Easy  It Really  Was!”   


When you work with us you don't get a one-size-fits-all, generic copy & paste, macro-calculator guesstimation, or calorie-based fad diet. Instead, our Progressive Macronutrient Stacking System™ is based on science & research, and solves the problem of achieving your best body, health, and fitness level, by determining & prescribing the correct balance of all three macro-nutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats) to fit your specific and unique body, lifestyle, goals, and needs.

Your body needs all of the required macro-nutrients so that you're able to look, feel, and perform your best.


#Maxout your body by maximizing your macros...

You need all three Macronutrients, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and fats:

-In precise amounts

-In specific combinations

-At key optimal times

-Personalized to your unique body, routine, and lifestyle.

-& Progressively customizing your macros to meet your body's needs as it changes!

Say goodbye to macro counting, calorie restrictive diets...

and say hello to your best body & life, with results you can keep, with our 

Progressive Macronutrient Stacking System™  Custom-Made-To-Fit-You-Nutrition Plans.

What makes Transformation Nation so different?

We recognize that every individual is different and you deserve a nutrition program that's custom-tailored

to your body’s specific needs.


That’s why, before providing you with your optimized nutrition plan, we address your needs on a deep

level to help you understand the dietary, mental, and physical roadblocks that have prevented you from seeing success in the past.


Once we discover what you need to succeed, we build a Custom-Made-To-Fit-You nutrition plan

guaranteed to deliver results!

With a plan designed for your specific body and goals, you can...


Finally, shed that unwanted weight & body fat, so you feel confident in & out of your clothes.

Gain lean muscle, so you can perform better throughout the day, and look better while you’re at it.

Live a more energized & happy life, free from any biological burdens that are currently holding you back.


And more!

Join Transformation Nation, and See Results Like This...

Simple Photo Before and After Skincare Instagram Post (1).png

In just 2 months we were able to help Russell

lower his body weight by 12 pounds and drop his body fat

by a total of 6%.

Simple Photo Before and After Skincare Instagram Post_edited.png

“I was 256 pounds and very unhealthy. In one year

I lost 76 pounds with the help of

Transformation Nation’s custom nutrition plan...

The weekly check-ins were a great motivator to say on track.

Ten months later, my total weight loss hit 100 pounds, and I had completed 6 half marathons.

Transformation Nation and the custom nutrition plan make healthy living and eating easy with weekly check-ins,

support, and motivation.”

– Vanessa Odell

Sissy Hester_edited.png

“Sammy, I truly appreciate your guidance

and support for Mrs. America.

I totally Trust the Process!”
-Sissy Hester

edited profile.jpg

About Me...

Hey! I’m Sammy Jackson, and my team and I are here to make sure you reach your fitness and performance goals.

From Olympic athletes to soccer moms, nutrition is the hardest piece of the puzzle to figure out.

With over 25 years of experience in the worlds of nutrition, health, and fitness... 

My goal is to use that experience to make sure you lose weight, torch stubborn fat, build muscle, and feel better than ever before.

How do I accomplish this?

By creating customized nutritional plans that are built with you in mind – your goals, your body, your schedule, everything! I will build you a program that gives you the tools you need to meet your goals while still giving you the flexibility that makes your plan easy to stick to.

eating the right foods.jpg

What Makes Transformation Nation's Nutrition Plans So Easy To Follow?

 Man and woman cooking in front of a camera

From waffles and eggs for breakfast...

a hamburger at lunch...

Steak or fish with potatoes for dinner.

You have endless food options to choose from with tailored amounts for your specific needs.


Who would have imagined?

Your Custom Nutrition Plan Software has plenty of food options to choose from... so you never feel restricted and you get to ick and swap the foods you enjoy daily. 








 Phone Screen Instagram Post.png

Imagine, A day in the Life...

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